About Us

Initially, S.W.I.F.T. was conceived from ideas based on self-help concepts, which had their origins in the sixties and seventies. Groups such as Synanon and 7th Step, utilized the concept of ‘Hot Seat’ therapy as a means of breaking through the recipients’ psychological barriers to face things about…

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Group Locations

S.W.I.F.T. Inc. has four locations in the Toronto area with another possibly opening in Brampton soon. We are trying to cover as much of the GTA as possible in order to give people the opportunity to attend our program. Also, if someone attends a specific group and they happen to move to another area…

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Maurice Bloch

Specializing in helping those who suffer from Depression, Low Self Esteem Anxiety/Panic Disorders, Anger Management, Marital Issues, Stress Reduction, Group Referral, Alcohol and Drug Treatment. Maurice has been helping people privately for two and a half decades. He has been in private practice…

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