Specializing in helping those who suffer from Depression, Low Self Esteem Anxiety/Panic Disorders, Anger Management, Marital Issues, Stress Reduction, Group Referral, Alcohol and Drug Treatment.

Maurice has been helping people privately for two and a half decades. He has been in private practice at two major medical centers in Toronto, and has recently joined a prestigious downtown clinic as a stress management therapist, who also specializes in areas of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, marital counseling, spousal and substance abuse.

For ten years, Maurice was a consultant to the Toronto General Hospital Cardiac Rehab Unit, who along with a specialized team, delivered stress management programs to patients recovering from by-pass; valve replacement surgery, etc. As well, Maurice continues to provide stress management programs for cardiac patients in Orangeville, as part of a two-man team set up several years ago to help facilitate their recovery process after open-heart surgery.

Managing Stress

The first lesson in managing stress is to realize that although there certainly are situations in our lives which are stressful, it is we ourselves who create the kind of stress that causes feelings of powerlessness and fear. We tend to make ‘mountains out of molehills,’ and in doing so, take normal stressful situations, and magnify them until we feel totally out of control. Once we understand this principle, and are in the hands of a trained therapist, like Maurice, we can learn how to minimize these fears in a rational way, and take back control of these thoughts which cause us to feel internal anguish and emotional pain.


TMeditation techniques are designed to slow our bodies down internally, and facilitate calm thought processes. It is best to do meditation in a quiet, darkened room, where your thoughts are not disturbed by noisy traffic, television, or the conversations of other people around you. There are many different types of meditation techniques, from reciting a mantra over and over, to ‘guided fantasies,’ where a seasoned therapist such as Maurice can walk you through different relaxed and positive scenarios in a safe, caring manner.

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